Afghan Kush


Where To Purchase Afghan Kush Strain Online In Oregon – The duration of these effects is two to three hours. This specific variety is traditionally harvested in order to yield higher hashish counts. The plant will have resinous trichomes and light-colored nugs that are robust. Many hairs in the colors of red or dark orange cover the buds. Although the Afghan Kush strain has a 21.6% THC content (of all cannabinoids), it also has a high CBD content and good therapeutic potential. This medicinal marijuana strain will smell similar to A farm that grows mangos and oranges with a hint of stink. This strain has a somewhat mild flavor. This will taste fruity and bland.  Patients with insomnia most frequently use this as a bedtime medicine because of these effects. Chronic pain, anxiety, tension, and anorexia can all benefit from this.

In 40 to 55 days, Afghan Kush seeds should begin to bloom. The strain produces a considerable amount of the bloom. Afghan Kush can yield 450 grams per plant when grown indoors, and 500–600 grams per plant when cultivated outdoors. Afghan Kush plants can withstand bugs and mold. Where To Purchase Afghan Kush Strain Online In Oregon


Potential Effects of Afghan Kush

Afghan Kush has no cerebral sativa properties at all, making it nearly narcotic in its effects. If you want to curl up on the couch with a game or a movie, Afghan Kush is the strain you should get. Afghan Kush is an excellent strain to use alone when you’re feeling reflective and want to work on something artistic that doesn’t demand a lot of concentration.

Potential Negative Effects of Afghan Kush

The main drawbacks of Afghan Kush include extremely dry eyes and a significant chance for couchlock. This strain has the power to deplete your energy and give you the worst munchies. study more about this product


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