White Widow


Where To Get White Widow Strain Online In Oregon – This strain has 40% indica and 60% sativa content. Its crystal resin-covered white buds alert you to the strong effects that lie ahead. Instantly there’s a strong surge of energy and happiness that sparks creativity and conversation. With 15% THC, White Widow is a great strain for users who use cannabis occasionally. Customers of  Oregon Marijuana Strain tell us that feeling energised, talkative, and creative are some of the White Widow effects.

Side effects of White Widow In Oregon

The psychological effects of taking White Widow are similar to those of taking too much THC; they include anxiety, dysphoria, paranoia, and fear of death. They can also cause feelings of loss of control, memory loss, depression, and altered perception of time and space. Rare side effects include headache, vomiting, and nausea.

Depending on the dosage of the drug taken, all adverse effects can vary in severity but usually go away a few hours after consumption and don’t require additional specialized care.

History and main characteristics of the White Widow

With a high concentration of both THC and CBD, the White Widow cannabis strain is a highly potent hybrid genetic line. It is now widely available in the most well-known coffee shops in Holland. sugary surface. This surface also suggests its typical psychotropic effects, which are a strong rush of euphoria and energy that tends to spread quickly, inspiring both creativity and conversation. Where To Get White Widow Strain Online In Oregon

Over the years, the genetics of White Widow have given rise to numerous fabled variations, including White Russian, White Rhino, and Blue Widow. Nonetheless, most cultivators typically favor cultivating the original strain because of how simple it is to handle and how quickly it flowers indoors—about 60 days. With a 40% sativa ratio that is primarily cerebral and a 60% indica ratio that is primarily body and physical, White Widow is an excellent and effective therapeutic aid that has a strong ability to cure significant afflictions like headaches, chronic pain, anxiety, behavioral issues, and psychosis buy me here

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