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Where To Buy Extreme OG Strain Online In Oregon – Most popularly known as “Extreme,” this indica-dominant strain was developed by Exotic Genetic to be both very strong and useful to prevent users from becoming trapped in an impenetrable couch lock. Breeders have retained the energizing qualities of the parent strain, Green Crack, by crossing Fire OG and Green Ribbon, while also imparting a mellowness to the bud derived from the indica genes. best Extreme OG Strain  for sale

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The strain’s potent effects are mostly attributed to its exceptionally high THC content, which typically averages 28%, and its CBD content, which is typically 1% or more. They attack you head-on, and although while they taste sweet and lemony, don’t let that deceive you into believing that these are particularly sweet or tolerant. The palate has a lot of lemon flavor and is also somehow incredibly earthy and piney. The smells are strong and acidic, particularly when torn apart. Extreme OG nugs have a deep forest green color, yet the little, tight buds have amber hairs and a dense layer of chunky white trichomes that contrast with it. Where To Buy Extreme OG Strain Online In Oregon

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Depending on your desire, you can work this medium to tall, funky-smelling, heavy-producing plant indoors or outdoors. If you decide to use it indoors, you might want to consider purchasing a smell-proof device due to its potent scents. Eight to nine weeks is when plants flower, therefore you should expect quite strong yields for your work. Extreme OG Strain for sale online

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Extreme OG is a moniker that truly implies a specific kind of high. It’s the kind that will keep you alert and knock you out at the same time. This strain is paradoxical in that it is both up and down, energizing and calming. The one constant that never changes is that this strain works best when served in Click Here

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