Blue Cheese


Where To Buy Blue Cheese Kush Strain Online In Oregon – Blue Cheese is an extremely sticky strain with bigger, thick buds made up of closely spaced leaves. There will be some copper-colored pistils peeking through the medium green tint, and the flowers will be covered in a thick layer of sticky white trichomes overall. Get out your grinder if your cannabis is fresh because this strain is difficult to break up by hand.

Despite having a 15%–20% THC average, Blue Cheese is a highly dominant strain. It’s a great strain for finishing up some household tasks, enjoying a movie, or even playing video games!

A rare indica-dominant hybrid with unexpectedly sativa-like effects is called Blue Cheese. This strain has an oddly cheesy, skunky flavor profile with a hint of blueberry, despite its heritage being the real source of its name, Blue Cheese. Customers often associate it with some foul-smelling blue cheese salad dressing due to its distinct scent. The richness of the berries receded and the taste leaned more toward the cheese notes than the aroma. The harsh flavors were undoubtedly sharper, but the sweetness was still there.

For those with a green thumb who would like to cultivate their own Blue Cheese plants, this strain offers a gratifying but relatively challenging cultivation experience. This breed, which originated in hilly areas, likes a colder temperature.

Blue Cheese has an 8–10 week flowering period and yields a reasonable amount, especially when grown indoors where circumstances are more regulated. Where To Buy Blue Cheese Kush Strain Online In Oregon

Potential Positive Effects of Blue Cheese Strain

Users who take one or two hits of Blue Cheese report feeling extremely calm, joyful, and blissful. Although there have been reports of increased cravings after smoking, most users don’t find this indica to be all that sleepy. For this reason, Blue Cheese is a great option to enhance appetite.

Potential Negative Effects of Blue Cheese Strain

Blue cheese frequently causes dry eyes and the typical cotton mouth. It will put you on the sofa if you smoke a little too much blue cheese! Click To Know More



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