Blackberry Kush


The gorgeous dark violet buds of the indica cannabis strain Blackberry Kush are adorned with orange hairs and have shades of deep green, yellow, and occasionally black. It tastes similar and has an earthy, sweet berry scent. Certain crops have been found to have an undertone reminiscent of fuel.

Conflicts have arisen regarding Blackberry Kush’s ancestry. Some think it’s a cross between Afghani and DJ Short Blueberry, while others say it’s just the indica Afghani hybrid Blackberry’s daughter. Others have pointed out that it might be descended from a parent who crossed Bubba Kush with an Afghani/Blackberry hybrid.

Although strong harvests have yielded up to 20% THC, the content levels are just 13%. Its said to have a very calming high that reduces body

Inducing a euphoric mood in the consumer while also relieving pain and pains. Another one of this strain’s side effects is munchies. Because it can make you drowsy, it is advised to use it at night. Reviews have also suggested that it can aid with insomnia.

While some users have noted that consuming too much Blackberry Kush might have the unfavorable side effect of making you dizzy, others have noted that it can increase creativity.

Blackberry Kush is recommended for inexperienced growers because to its excellent yields, ease of growth, and inherent resistance to mold and mildew. But exercise cautious when it comes to botrytis and spider mites. Where To Prochase Blackberry Kush Strain Online In Oregon  


Potential Positive Effects of Blackberry Kush

The potent body high caused by the high THC content can lead to the notorious couch-locked symptoms. Smoking Blackberry Kush can also cause feelings of pleasure, contentment, relaxation, creativity, drowsiness, and sedative.

Potential Negative Effects of Blackberry Kush In Oregon

Blackberry Kush has a strong indica dominance, which may explain why some users report feeling drowsy, tired, or paranoid. When smoked in the afternoon, Blackberry Kush tends to make you sleepy in the morning. click to learn



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